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Our company was established in August 2000 to carry its successful vision in construction and contracting works which proved its quality by surviving the Earthquake occurred on August 17, 1999 undamaged, to the ready-mixed concrete sector. In our company which has been rendering ready-mixed concrete supply services for more than ten years without compromising the principles and quality approach and constantly aiming for the better, the goal of quality has been adopted as a constantly rising bar.

“ To be a brand that is followed, rather than being a follower “ is our most important mission.


CEMENT : CEM I 42.5 R cement is used. It is also possible to use special cements such as sulphate resistant cement, blast furnace slag cement in special projects.

AGGREGATE : 12-20 mm, 5-12 mm coarse aggregates, 0-4 mm crushed stone sand and 0-5 mm natural sand fine aggregate obtained from Sakarya river by washing and sieving are used.

WATER : Artesian water in compliance with TS EN 1008 Concrete Mixing Water standards is used. All parameters are regularly checked by tests.

ADDITIVE : Special concretes such as Self-Compacting Concrete, Watertight Concrete etc. are produced with super-plasticizer and hyper-plasticizer special additives.


There are 32 truck mixers with capacities of 8 m3, 10 m3 and 12 m3, 9 mobile concrete pumps of 43M, 38M and 24M, 3 wheel loaders and 10 passenger service vehicles in our machine park.

In our Kullar Headquarter facility, there are two computerized fully automated hopper concrete mixing station with a capacity of 130m3/h and 160m3/h.

In our facility located in Körfez/Kocaeli, there are two twin-shaft full automation hopper concrete mixing stations each with a capacity of 130m3/h. This facility, with a capacity of 260 m3/h, is located on the Hürriyet Boulevard which is designed as an alternative escape route to the east of TÜPRAŞ, 18 km away from the center of Izmit.

In addition, there is a mobile concrete mixing station with a capacity of 100m3/h and 1 80-ton weighing machine ready to be used in projects in our machine park.

Our company is a member of Turkish Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

Kavanlar Beton
Kavanlar Beton
Kavanlar Beton
Kavanlar Beton
Kavanlar Beton


Kavanlar Beton
Kavanlar Beton
Kavanlar Beton


Kavanlar Beton
Kavanlar Beton
Kavanlar Beton
Garanti Koza Insaat A.SWorld Bank Permanent Housing25.000
Barmek Holding World Bank Permanent Housing 48.000
Kalyon İnşaat Sanayi A.ş. Prime Ministry Housing 40.000
Uransan Holding Prime Ministry Housing 25.000
Ekinciler İnşaat A.Ş. Metropolitan Municipality 10.000
Delta İnşaat A.Ş. Metropolitan Municipality 20.000
Kur İnşaat A.Ş. Turk-Is Housing 10.000
Evren İnşaat A.Ş World Bank Permanent Housing 25.000
Evren İnşaat A.Ş T.O.B.B. Housing 15.000
Anadolu İnşaat Prime Ministry Housing 15.000
Altın İnşaat Gulacti Villas 25.000
Baymak Makine San.A.Ş. Factory Construction 25.000
Tever Sunta A.Ş. Factory Construction 20.000
Nuhoğlu İnşaat A.Ş. Kocaeli University 32.000
Saryapı İnşaat Ltd.Şti. Bridge Crossing Construction 12.000
Saryapı İnşaat Ltd.Şti Factory Construction 15.000
Temeltaş Fore Kazık Bored Pile Works 10.000
Tek İmaj Marmara Medical Center 8.000
Kroman Çelik A.Ş Factory Construction 10.000
Danışman İnşaat San.Tic.A.Ş Factory Construction 15.000
Kita İnşaat San.Tic.Ltd.Şti. Housing Construction 15.000
Boğaç Profil San.Tic.A.Ş Factory Construction 20.000
Rozak Demir Profil A.Ş Factory Construction 15.000
Topkaya İnşaat Tic.A.Ş Factory Construction 18.000
Nova Kimya San.Tic.A.Ş Factory Construction 22.000
Neşe Plastik San.Tic.A.Ş. Factory Construction 15.000
BKS İnş.San.Tic.A.Ş. Factory Construction 12.000
Baumax Construction Market , AVM 15.000
Assan Yapı A.Ş. Hyundai Factory Construction 70.000
İsdem Yapı Housing and Road Constructions 30.000
Hidrotek Treatment Plant 16.000
KSC İnşaat Kipa AVM 30.000
Özka Lastik Factory Construction 15.000
Kare İnşaat Seka Park 44.000
Kavanlar İnşaat Ltd.Şti. Prime Ministry Housing 12.000
Kavanlar İnşaat Ltd.Şti. Armada Housing Villa Construction 20.000
Tekfen A.Ş. Tüpraş RUP Project10.000
Gemont A.Ş Tüpraş RUP Project20.000
Gemont A.Ş Fosco Steel Factory25.000
Kavanlar İnşaat Ltd. Şti. Iztop 1420 Housing90.000
Okçuoğlu A.Ş. Toki 520 Housing Golcuk50.000
Ahmet Nihat Özsan Tüpraş RUP Project12.000
Umde İnşaat A.Ş Gübretaş NPK Building25.000
Kavanlar Symbol Avm Hotel Hospital150.000
Stfa A.Ş. Dubai Port250.000
Kavanlar Beton

Kullar Center Concrete Plants

Kavanlar Beton

Körfez Plants

Kavanlar Beton

Tüpraş Port Pier Concrete Pouring Over Pontoon

Kavanlar Beton

Dubai Port

Kavanlar Beton

Gübretaş NPK Building Foundation Concrete Casting 4600 M3 C40 (30 hours)